Dive Deeper into Climate Solutions

WELCOME! Our first course on climate solutions, designed to supplement Project Drawdown's Climate Solutions is ideal for individual learners or for middle-to-high school teachers to provide/discuss with their students. This FREE short course lets you "Dive Deeper" into the climate solutions that Dr. Jonathan Foley of Project Drawdown presents so that you can retain and apply climate solutions. The lesson plan is available here. 

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Making Climate Solutions Happen 

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Dive Deeper: Making Climate Solutions Happen - 3 Month Subscription

How do we scale up climate solutions over the next three decades? How do we accelerate climate action through rules, capital, business practices, technology, or behavior change? What can we do right now, what long-term infrastructure changes would help, and what innovative new technologies are needed? This hopeful FREE program helps you learn and retain the concepts presented by Project Drawdown in Climate Solutions 101: Making It Happen Unit 6. The minicourse teaches the main concepts and goes beyond to help you learn additional climate change solutions, all in less than 30 minutes!